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Available now on Spotify, iTunes, and all music platforms!

Available now on Spotify, iTunes, and all music platforms!

New music

"Douchebags & Divas" now available on all music platforms!

Douchebags & Divas

Ricky Montijo

Electronic dance influenced rock and a scathing rebuke of today's "love and leave" culture. Everyone knows the type of person--they don't care about anyone else but themselves. They're god's gift to others. They lie, cheat, and damage because they're Douchebags and Divas. Blending elements of rock, EDM, soul, and hip hop for an entirely unique and driving sound, Ricky Montijo releases his first single of 2020. He crafts a strong message of overcoming the ones that hurt you by calling them what they are. As a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Ricky Montijo performed and recorded all instruments including drums, bass, guitars, keys, synths, and percussion in various places across California.

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